Fire Exit Personnel Doors. 1,2 & 4 hour fire rated

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Fire Exit Personnel Doors. 1,2 & 4 hour fire rated

The simple purpose of a fire door in every day use is just as any other door. However, since a breakout of fire is never predictable, the fire door, unlike any other door, must then perform its prime purpose - to protect lives and offer protection to the remainder of the building and to other buildings. Fire doors are part of a building’s PASSIVE fire protection system, an essential requirement for ALL public buildings, offices and factories.They are also a requirement in certain domestic situations, such as in flats, where a door leads into an integral garage, or loft conversions. All rooms in any of these situations are separated from other rooms, or compartmented. The fire is then contained for a period of time in the compartment in which it started. Fire doors protect the occupants (and contents) of other compartments and provide a safe, protected route to allow the occupants to escape. Maintenance of fire doors is critical to ensure the safety of your building and the welfare of others within. Fire doors must comply with regular 6 month inspections to RRO (Regulatory Reform Order).

Up To 4 Hour Fire Rated Fire Doors

  • Our Fire Doors have been tested and rated at 4 hours, preventing the spread of fire to other areas of the building and providing a safe means of evacuation.
  • The louvre panel of the fire door has been tested to a full 4 hours at 610mm wide x 610mm high.
  • The fire door’s vision panel at 250mm wide x 1500mm high has also been rated at 4 hours.

Anti-Rust Steel Security Fire Door

  • The Cetra Fire Door not only offers fire protection but a high level of security from unwanted intruders.
  • Our fire doors are manufactured from high tensile steel which allows for a stronger yet lighter door.
  • Security Astragal sits flush to the outside frame preventing intruders from identifying the position of the lock bolt in the door frame.
  • Stainless steel hinges with dog bolts tie the fire door into the frame even if the hinges are cut off from the outside.
  • Its insulated core will help to minimise heat loss and the anti – rust Rustec coating provides for an exceptionally smooth finish.

Fire Doors: Range of Size Options

  • Our standard fire doors are manufactured to fit structural openings 700mm-2200mm wide and 1900mm-2300mm high.
  • To compensate for any uneven brickwork a fully adjustable frame is included to bridge the gap between the fire door frame and the rebate, ensuring a perfect fit with the minimal use of sealant.
  • If required we are able to offer a bespoke service where your fire doors will be manufactured to your exact specifications and can be supplied to fit structural openings of 670mm-2800mm wide and 1200mm-3000mm high.

Choice of Colours On All Fire Doors

  • We can offer a comprehensive range of colours to ensure your fire door integrates completely with its surroundings.
  • Over 100 RAL and BS colours are available with metallics and pearlescents supplied as an optional extra.

DDA approved Aluminium Threshold

  • Fire doors are supplied with a high quality low level aluminium threshold strip with weatherproof rubber seals.
  • All are DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) approved.

Ironmongery & Door Furniture Available On Cetra Fire Doors

  • We can supply our doors with a variety of furniture and accessories that make it totally functional.
  • Please give us a ring to discuss your requirements and the different options available. We’re here to help.

CLICK HERE for Ironmongery page

Supply & Fitting Service

Cetra offer 3 types of supply/fitting service for your fire exit doors.

  • Supply Only Service.
  • Supply & Assisted Fitting Service.
  • Supply & Full Fitting Service.

We operate Nationwide, our teams covering;
Scotland North of England Midlands Wales South of England

Competitive Quote Call 0800 133 7044

  • For advice on all your fire door requirements and a free competitive quote please email us at or Please give us a call.

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