CetraSector Reset - High Speed Roller Door

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CetraSector Reset - High Speed Roller Door

CetraSector Reset is the rapid roller door for very intense use, fitted with a special and innovative self-repairing system. If the curtain is accidentally pushed out of position by a collision, the door automatically replaces the curtain.

CetraSector Reset - Rapid Roller Door - Choose me if:

  • You require a no compromise solution
  • You wish to save money on heating
  • The door will be very intensely used
  • You want either single phase or 3 phase motors

Self-repairing door, with system of counterweights, for fast access in total safety

  • Sturdy and reliable, for very heavy use. The CetraSector Reset high speed roller door is characterised by a sturdy and compact free-standing structure, by a front motor with protective cover, easily and quickly accessible for checks & service.
  • High levels of safety – CetraSector Reset is noted for a series of significant levels of safety such as the balancing system, the Safety Linear Encoder (SLE -Patent Pending) and the sequential barriers.
  • The balancing system with modular counterweights, complete with sturdy traction belts, guarantees a high standard of safe and reliable operation, in addition to extending the life of the door.
  • The exclusive SLE Safety Linear Encoder (Patent Pending)device constantly controls the movement of the curtain reversing the closing motion in case of obstacles.
  • The sequential safety barriers protect the closing line of the door blade up to a height of 2.5 m, making the installation of other photocells or bottom safety edges unnecessary.
  • Tight-sealing, safe, flexible, self-repairing curtains. The curtain slides inside the side casing making it very resistant to air and static wind pressure (up to 120 km/h).

Curtain Colours & Printing & PVC Transparency

  • Curtain Weight – Our rapid roller/high speed doors have polyester rip resistant curtains supplied at 900 g/m, approx 0.7mm thick.
  • Curtain Standard Colours – 10 standard colours.
  • Curtains can be special ordered in any RAL colour.:
  • Images or Advertising may be printed onto the curtain by special order
  • Transparent windows can be specified in a variety of sizes up to Width 920 x Height 1600.

Survey & Measuring

  • Cetra are here to help. We are happy to work with you on your project, visiting site and offering professional, objective advice on choosing and specifying which rapid roller/high speed door best suits your requirements. Please give us a call.


We manufacture, supply & fit.
Cetra offer 3 types of supply/fitting service for your rapid roller/high speed door.

  • Supply Only Service.
  • Supply & Assisted Fitting Service.
  • Supply & Full Fitting Service.

We operate Nationwide, our teams covering;
Scotland North of England Midlands Wales South of England

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